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Hi Everybody.

To say that I'm angry about this is an understatement. Three weeks away from the event and the Scottish Government has not given any clear indication if we will or won't be allowed to host and with no indication the rules will change on 9th August, the window for me to request annual leave and Deepeh to arrange childcare will be long past.

There is conflicting advice on the Scottish Government Website. On the one hand, we have this.


They don't explicitly say allowed. They say "advised".

And on the same page, we have this


It's clear as muck. How exactly are 2000 people allowed to go to a stadium with a limit of 15 people from 15 households.

Without competent guidance from a retained solicitor, neither me nor Dex is able to confirm if we're allowed to do anything and ultimately, any non-compliance with legislation, which has penalties including £10,000 fines, would stop with us.

Once again, this isn't anything we had any control over. Our friends in England are allowed to have their LANS, but we are not. It is utterly ludicrous that up to 140,000 people are allowed to watch the Formula1 at Silverstone, 87,000 people are allowed to go to Reading music festival, 2000 people are allowed to watch a football or rugby match, but our event of maybe 16 people is still not allowed because "max of 2 people, 2 rottweilers and 4 stick insects from 3.141 households but only if the rottweilers are both of the same gender and it's the fourth Tuesday of the month" or whatever other entirely arbitrary bullshit the "SNP Wheel Of Authoritarian Nonsense" has landed on this week.

The games list will be announced shortly, but as before we'll have three consecutive game nights, from Fri 13th Aug to Sun 15th Aug starting at 7pm. If you have any suggestions or requests, please post them below.
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