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Hello My name is Elliot and im 18 on friday :D
Im Friends with Gbot and Sirflukesalot irl.
Luckydice in Steam and luckydice750 in origin,often on breach mumble.So if anyone wants a game of something,that would be cool :).
I play Quite a few games mostly bf3,GW2.Dayz right now and 100+ games on my steam list,used to live in aberdeenshire and im planning to go uni there doing geology(it rocks,currently at sixthform).Cant really attend any of the lans till then,as 350 miles is a bit far to go for a lan :(.
Been to quite a few lans over the years,be good to go a breach one someday

Anyway see you guys on mumble :D


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"...im planning to go uni there doing geology(it rocks,..."

I see what you did there ;)


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Ahh the old distance issue :(. Where abouts you from? 'cos Amesy and I (+the exceedingly rare Benjy) are all about 380 miles from aberdeen (or 280 from Lincoln University) and it's pretty much the only reason why we don't go to that many LANs. Hoping to make BreachLAN26 though.
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