BreachLAN 60 Feedback: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly


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A big thank you to everyone who came along to BreachLAN 60. It was great to see everyone again for an (almost) full sized event. We'd like to ask your feedback for how we can improve in the future.

The Good:
New guests. Great to see Manky and Wiggles join us at an event.
General tidyness. Thank you to everyone who helped make this really easy.
Games. Was great to have another round of Artemis.
Internet. Seemed to run much better than before. I'd be interested in hearing if anyone had any trouble with it.
Showers. Very glad with how these worked out. Hot water, high pressure, private cubicles. Perfect.
Help from people with packdown. A huge thank you to everyone who helped with this. You turned what would have been one hell of a chore to do alone into something that we just sailed through. Seriously, Thank You.

The Bad:
Sun Night Chinese. They were bloody awful. I'm definitely going to look into organised meals for Friday and Sunday night in the future. Hopefully we can work with better providers to make it go smoothly (suggestions are open).
Ventilation / Temperature management. There just wasn't enough ventilation to get the stank out without making the entire place freezing at the same time. I'd be interested in hearing any suggestions for how to fix this, especially if they don't involve spending hundreds of pounds on gas / electric heating.
Wrapping up a bit earlier than I think some people were expecting. I'd like to apologise personally to everyone who was hoping the LAN would go on a bit longer than it did. I was absolutely exhausted and with so much tidying up to do I broke and started asking people to wrap up before closing time. This isn't right and it's not what you paid for. I'm sorry. We have a plan to fix this for next time, the new start/finish time will be 4 hours earlier, so we'll go from 2pm Friday - 2pm Monday. That should solve the Monday exhaustion problem.

The Ugly:
Jukebox crashes. I'm sorry to those who missed requests because of these. I don't know why it was happening, but I'm going to find out why and fix it for next time.

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The Good:
Good atmosphere
Jason Derulo
New faces (Hi Wiggles and Manky Crack!! :) )
Wreckfest Antics
Tasty Pizza
Good selection of games
Everyone helped to keep the place tidy, thank you so much for this!
Internet was pretty good, as was the lan cache

The Bad:
Packdown, I hate packing up
Ventilation - I think we'll open some more windows next time round.
Missing Doubleaction: Boogaloo
Not enough HOTS :)

The Ugly:
Nothing to report really :)


Good Fun
Good Games, though I would like more games overall!
Showers were nice

I would have liked it to have lasted longer but packing down on Mon was needed
Ventilation, oh lord, we need more of this!
Shower door lock did not function, was a little concerned about this, far left door... should have checked the others
Bins, taking the trash home is an inconvenience, would people be interested in splitting a small skip for the weekend as long as its reasonably cheap?
Oh and no Armagetron Advanced again!

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Great fun - most I've laughed in a good while.
Always good to see people again.

Though understandable, the early pack-up was unfortunate.
Temperature/ventilation issues
The shower cubicle locks. Couldn't get them to work.

The gas corner...


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The Good:
-Showers! :D
-New people! Keep the advertising up, yo.
-I like the location of the current venue, close to home, amenities, etc
-Games we've not played in a while were played. I like some variety.
-As always, great people and great fun.
-Jukebox was great! It looks so much better and, while at times frustrating, the wait times between song requests made it much fairer.
-Internet was also great! Super speed.

The Bad:
-Three out of four shower cubicle locks didn't work... It was especially an issue when random guys showed up to look at the roof while I was in the shower. Was a teeny bit scary for me as a fairly helpless cripple woman
-Sleeping is difficult in the big room. I'm quite a light sleeper, and if people are talking normally at night (if they stay up later), then I really struggle to sleep.
-Ventilation! Stanky and stuffy.
-Taking the bins home
-Not really anywhere you can go if you need a bit of privacy/alone time for a little while.

The Ugly:
-The gas corner.
-The random dudes who came in to check the showers without warning.
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