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hey guys, im about to order some tins of canned, compressed air for cleaning inside computers, etc. but i noticed i can get them cheaper if i buy in bulk, so i wondered if anyone else wanted to chip in and get some and save some money.
pc world sell them for about ?10 a can for the same quantity, i can get them for less than ?5 each, same stuff although a different brand, and gets cheaper with the more cans i order.
let me know quick i intend on ordering before xmas to get delivered sometime between xmas and new years or just after

400ml aerosol-can
Cleans small unreachable parts such as the space between keys on a keyboard, system fans, printed circuit boards, laser printer toner.
CFC / HCFC free
Moisture free - Butane / Propane mix
Complete with 6" tube for precision

Deep Blue

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Damnit, I thought you were talking about canned farts :roll:

What sorta quantities are required for a discount, cause I would be interested in have a couple of cans handy!
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