Hello (again?)


It occured to me that since i haven't actually attended much in the way of lans in the past... 5+ years it would be sensible to re-introduce myself to those who don't know me.

I'm mike (neg/rahr) and i initially started lanning with friends back when counter-strike was in beta and we'd also play grand prix 3 / action half life and a few others. Then just after we all left 6th year word went out that someone was trying to host a lan at the AECC. So we hopped along to that (scotlan #1) and had much fun and met some new friends. Went to the majority of lans before the management at the time made the decision to stop running them and as far as i know this is how breachlan came about.

I've only attended 2 breachlans to date but the more recent ones were due to a lack of pc that:
1) i could be bothered to move
2) felt could run enough of the modern games

along with a few other health reasons that makes staying awake for daft periods of time fuelled only by junk food a lot harder than it used to.

My gaming history (taking the main ones) would go something like:
Star Wars Galaxies
World of Warcraft

But i have always dabbled in random FPS games and then playing racing/sports games on consoles.

Having recently sold most of my old pc to fund a slight upgrade but more importantly.. downsizing of my pc i reckon i could give lanning another shot but it'll have to wait until the next 48hour one as i don't think i could manage more than that.

So yeah.. hello again.
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