Hi there!


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Hey boys and girls

Good to finally be here.

My name is Bart and I am 29 years old.
Working in Finance IT and living in London.
I found my way here through your shaman and preacher, Dex, with who I played with in a clan called Peace Keepers.
In my free time I do Kite Landboarding (weather permitting) and gaming (of cozz).
Music is also a big part of my life as I pretty much have it pouring into my ears 24/7.
My gaming usually limits to Counter Strike:GO (I used to play CS:S), the odd single player fps or Civilisation 5. I used to play much more in my early 20's but now with work taking up majority of my time I have to really pick what I will play (I am sure some of you can relate to that ).
BUT! ...as a new year’s resolution I am planning to reconnect with my inner geek and do what I always wanted to do... go to a LAN party and game hard!
Hope to meet you all during Breach LAN 24!.



Thou Shalt Not Pass
Welcome to the madhouse! The image flukes posted above is a pretty good example of how things go here, you'll enjoy it :p

Look forward to seeing you at 24!
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