Oh Hai


Hey everyone,

I'm Kerry, real name is Barney but Kerry stuck many years ago so I go with it! I used to go to the Pause gaming lans in Glasgow when I was at Uni but alas that was about 5 years ago! Came across Breachlan randomly and looks like a well organized fun group! Hopefully will be able to come across to the next lan.

Oh and thanks to Harry for resolving my inability to set up a forum account correctly!


Should have added a bit about myself!

Work up in Fraserburgh as an Engineering Manager at one of the Fish factory's, promise il shower before i come to a lan! Only realty play PC games and have done for a while, my first real interest in Multilayer games was OFP when t first came out. Recently iv been playing Eve online,Titan fall and APB on and off but thinking of giving Eve a break for a while.

Other than that im a car/bike person my two favorite toys at the mo being my Suzuki Dl1000 and my S50B32 powered BMW E36 compact thats currently in my shed in bits!


ahhhh finally the kelly has arrived lol

welcome dude good to see you finally got on the forums the guys here are really friendly and will be happy to answer any questions you have. We play a wide range of games from Team fortress 2 to league of legend. At the moment a few of us are working our way through Payday2 as its awesome. If you have mumble login and feel free to have a chat .
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